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Future Trends in ERP: Mobility

On Thursday, 29 May 2014
Future Trends in ERP: Mobility

The concept of constantly being connected from anywhere has pervaded our personal lives and has begun making its way into our business environment as well. Mobile ERP is all about accessing various services offered by any ERP software through a mobile device such as Smartphone or tablet. Mobility is also about how businesses can provide a better infrastructure through mobile applications and services.

  While ERP was a vital step taken by many firms, provision of services through mobile technologies is now inevitable. Along with other trends that are changing the enterprise applications landscape, ERP systems have to support the mobile behavior of their users. Mobile devices will replace the traditional laptops, pushing ERP manufacturers to deliver those services including on iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, etc.

It is estimated that 25% of the workforce is traveling one or more days a week. While away, many are supported by e-mail, calendar and contact information, but very few are supported by information from their ERP/CRM system. Hence, mobile ERP is relevant to a large number of professionals and that could be the reason why many analysts predict a very high growth in the mobile computing industry.

Most recently, the demand for mobile-computing options has increased for executive and operational personnel. Equipped with mobility, executives, field-service technicians and customer-service personnel also have demanded access to data and applications typically reserved for the back office. There are three pertinent factors which have made mobility in ERP a necessity:

  • Service improvements, as in better interaction with customers and existing business applications
  • Improved ROI on mobile applications implementation
  • Mobile Workforce

Many ERP software solutions are now providing mobile enterprise functions to compliment the increasing need for portability. For example, using mobile SCM solutions, production and operations managers can be alerted in real time if there’s a supply or manufacturing problem. Finance applications can alert accounting managers if there’s an issue with invoicing or a customer payment.

Assets Management system with mobiles can decreasea lot of man hours on stock counts and reduce few steps in data entry. Mobile sales and marketing ERP applications allow salespeople to better understand the profitability of a prospective deal using information linked to finance and manufacturing quotation processes.

Mobile ERP solutions deliver real time access to business operations and can steadily increase profitability through lower transaction costs, improved cash flows, enhanced communication and better customer relations. While it is unlikely mobile ERP applications will altogether replace traditional desktop ERP applications in the near future, they help meet the need for agility and flexibility in today’s changing business environment.

Cyret’s custom built JD Edwards Mobile applications specifically catering the Human Resources, Distribution & Logistics and Manufacturing sectorsprovides more operational visibility for managers, allowing them to identify problems on the production line, drill down into problem areas and take action right on the work floor. For example, our ERP on mobile can deliver project information, job documentation, real-time statistical process control, data analysis, holiday/off day enquiry by employee and even mobile requisition self-service approval.

Mobility allows workers unlimited access to the company’s ERP system at all times, which in turn means data and information is always up-to-date. The improved mobile productivity that results from mobile access to company software and information can mean a greater ROI for businesses investing in mobile communications, as well as improved sales and communication. 

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