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Mobilizing the Enterprise: Gaining the competitive edge

Rapid advancements in mobile technology and it’s fast adoption are causing a paradigm shift in the way business is conducted. Team members across different functions are no longer tied to their desks and Gartner predicts by 2016 40% of the workforce will be mobile. Enterprise Mobile Applications available today are platform & device independent. Let us see how this shift from desktops or laptops to tablets, smart phones, mobiles and phablets can benefit an enterprise and provide a compe... Read More...

Quick guide for a hassle-free ERP transition

The decision to transition to an ERP system and replace in-house or legacy business applications & processes is one of the toughest calls for senior management or any IT head. A glitch-free setup & proper business alignment will warrant drastically improved returns & process efficiencies. But a few slip-ups and the whole process can fail even before you realise what went wrong. The entire process right from the selection of an ERP to the post-implementation phase has many pitfalls... Read More...

Is it time to retire your In-house Business Applications?

With top-level management’s problem-solving instincts, it is common practice to identify an inherent problem and develop an in-house solution for either a new demand or expected growth to business. This line of thought gives rise to a number of disparate custom-built systems, each serving a unique purpose within an enterprise. In the early years of these developments, businesses are content to see their in-house applications work smoothly & effectively. And rightly so, as these applicat... Read More...

Considering a JD Edwards ERP Upgrade: Let’s get started.

For businesses time equals cash. Most often, enterprises using JD Edwards systems are busy trying to survive today’s exacting market conditions. Many of these JD Edwards systems would be years old and companies most often do not have the staff to evaluate the need for a JD Edwards upgrade. Left without the right skillsets and the right partner to implement an upgrade successfully, companies can end up worse off than if they had never attempted one to begin with.

Enterprises ar...

Need for ERP

ERP and Why you need it!

Why does your company need an ERP solution? Simply put, business is about efficiency and ERP systems help achieve that efficiency. Any business deals with countless processes, activities, and systems with a multitude of workflows and procedures. You have to deal with both manual and automated processes across multiple departments that might be disparate and uncommunicative with each other.

This approach was suited to the past. It is not applica... Read More...

Why Supply Chain Management Remains Paramount in AgriBusiness?

Agriculture is a significant sector and main stay for many economies of the world. Agriculture derives its importance from the fact that it provides any country self reliance in terms of food for their people, provides huge direct and indirect employment and greater revenue through export.

Agricultural production is synonymous with uncertainty due to exposure to weather; the unpredictability of disease and pests, the seasonality of harvest and market cycles. Agriculture is also ... Read More...

The Need for ERP in the Agricultural Sector

According to United Nations, by 2050 many of the countries will lack enough arable land for the ever-growing population. It is estimated that by 2050, the growing population will reach a record 9 billion people, who would be surviving on shrinking land. The density per hectare will go up. This growth needs to be fueled by food supply for these 9 billion people.

  The Agriculture industry is dynamic, constantly evolving in response to changes in the marketplace, technology and i... Read More...

How Can CRM Help You Grow Your Business?

If your business has a large and/or growing customer base, then a CRM tool is one of the best investments that you can make to increase sales and boost customer loyalty.

CRM has enabled entrepreneurs to cement their relationships with customers; the main asset to a business.

1.Improve Lead Generation and Visibility of Sales Cycle

The sales team is valuable and possibly one of an organization’s most important assets. Having a large percentage of high-quality l... Read More...

Future Trends in ERP: Mobility

The concept of constantly being connected from anywhere has pervaded our personal lives and has begun making its way into our business environment as well. Mobile ERP is all about accessing various services offered by any ERP software through a mobile device such as Smartphone or tablet. Mobility is also about how businesses can provide a better infrastructure through mobile applications and services.

  While ERP was a vital step taken by many firms, provision of services thro... Read More...

Why You Should Invest in Business Intelligence?

If data is king, organized data is the emperor to rule all kings. As information grows, the need for organizations to manage it and make it actionable grows as well. Getting that information in a timely manner and to the right people throughout an organization is an important means to enterprise growth.

#1 Analyze market trends and customer preferences

Business intelligence can help companies to analyze changing trends in market share; changes in customer behavior and spendi... Read More...

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