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Does your business have systems that are a critical part of your business operations? Many, if not all companies today do. Sales. Pricing. Configuration. Manufacturing. Shipping.


Many of our customers have considered or moved to Cloud for non-critical systems, but have chosen to continue with their legacy environments for systems Critical to the business.


Have you evaluated the high investment required to keep these critical systems running? Do they require a significant investment in your staff time to retain the 9's/high level of reliability required? Do they take up a large amount of your staffs time planning? Are constant upgrades needed?


We have even seen customers where upgrades to critical systems are deferred because no one wants to take down or change a system providing solid performance to critical programs. This catch 22 leads to older and older environment which is more and more costly to maintain.


Please join Oracle, Redington and Cyret at an evening Dinner Seminar to learn how Oracle Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) combined with Oracle Security can provide you with Mission Critical Hardware or Product Platform reliability at a significant reduction in price, your staff effort and complexity. Oracle Integrated Cloud will provide you with the highest level of Security, Availability, Flexibility and Control over your environment. Hardware and software redundancy. Flexible system changes. Your staff will be able to concentrate on bringing new value to your customers while Oracle runs your Critical Platform and Infrastructure.


Our Dinner and Seminar will:


Provide an Overview of Oracle's Journey and Commitment to the Cloud

Discuss Oracle IaaS providing high availability Infrastructure at a low cost.

Explain how Oracle PaaS will lower Cost of Ownership of required core Platforms.

How Oracle Cloud Security provides the highest levels of security in a Cloud environment


Case Studies will be presented to show you the reliability and benefits and cost savings that have been achieved by others.


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