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On Monday, 13 Feb 2017
Job readiness Skills: A Key to Workplace Success

Innovations in the workplace are bringing up new types of job skills on the fore. Job readiness skills are the definite key to workplace success. Skills which can make you an asset to the organization and make you feel more confident in executing your duties. Training from experts in the field to acquire skills is the most prudent decision one can make for sustainable career growth. Let us look at some advantages of being skilled.

Why should you get job readiness Skills?

  • Gain Competitive Advantage
    • To get skilled, you have to go through rigorous training programs which improve your technical or functional abilities significantly. Employers value the knowledge you would have gained with such training activities. You will have better chances of landing a job of your dreams with improvement in your credibility during the interviews. Skills will make you a more marketable candidate in the job markets.
    • While your peers fumble when new tasks are thrown at them, you will excel at these tasks as you will be well prepared for them. This gives you a clear competitive advantage to get noticed and rise higher than your competition.
  • Promotions, Salary Hikes
    • A skilled resource is more likely to get promoted. Being skilled demonstrates your ability to learn new things and hone your skills. Organizations value your contribution and will reward you with timely promotions and also offer you roles that carry greater responsibilities.
    • Skilled resources are almost always better compensated than other peers from the same industry. This is primarily because they have the ability to contribute to project successes far more than others, twice as much as others if research reports are to be believed. Over 80% of certified students have seen their job prospects improve.
  • Greater Career Span & Security
    • Most employees hit a plateau in their career some time or the other. A time when they are no more contributing to the projects or the growth of the organization as actively as they would want to. This is primarily a result of lack of adequate skills to take things to the next level. People who are trained in their field of work almost always have better career growth, better work satisfaction & challenging opportunities to display their talent.
    • A certified professional will evoke more trust and hence will have better job security. In today‚Äôs dynamic IT environment, being skilled and being in a solid position where you prove to be a valuable asset to the company is extremely important.
  • More Confidence & Performance
    • Training in job-readiness skills will improve your ability to solve problems, interact with peers, and understand your role within your team. This will make you more confident and will bring out the best in you. You are far more likely to perform at your peak at work when you are skilled in the job at hand. About 83% employees find themselves to be more productive at work.

The first step towards acquiring job-readiness skills is to get in touch with an authorized training institute which can help you define your career goals and offer you customized training programs. So go ahead and invest in yourself and unlock your potential for workplace success.

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