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On Monday, 13 Feb 2017
Training: A Stepping stone to Success

Rocky Balboa was not crowned the Boxing Champion in a day! There are hours of toil every single day & Intense & Customized training programs and of course those local level bouts which prepared him for the big battles. Winning takes lot of learning, training & honest effort.

Skilled Workforce and Enterprise-wide Success ‘Projects that met most or all of their objectives provided each project team member with twice the amount of training as those projects that achieved little or partial success’ say a IDC Report on learning and development.

Staying ahead of the Technology curve and Innovating on education to close the skills gap is crucial. Let’s see some of the benefits an enterprise can derive by having a skilled workforce –

  • Increased Productivity & Faster Task execution
  • Improved morale of employees
  • Less Supervision – More Ownership of Tasks
  • Fewer Errors and Accidents – Better Quality Delivery

Essentials of a successful Training Delivery

The Training Industry has undergone a paradigm shift in the way they deliver the value to the students. Ideally, trainings should be conducted when the students are at the peak of their ability to receive new knowledge. Some of the factors that impact the effectiveness of any training program are -

  • Content, the Environment and available technology each play a role in how training is delivered
  • Traditional Training approaches with new models, methodologies & technologies are the best and the most effective way to deliver knowledge

Latest on Training Delivery Methods

  • Classroom Training
    • This will never go out of fashion. The students learn from experienced & knowledgeable instructors who deliver the subject matter in a professional, informative manner using the best available course materials. The engagement and feedback mechanism enhance the program’s effectiveness & ensure that every student gets personalized attention.
  • Live Virtual Classes
    • It combines traditional learning techniques with the modern Interactive learning methods. The content is enhanced for an online delivery. The students can access the course material and practice sessions at any time of their convenience. Collaborative technologies are helping to take education in the far away and small isolated pockets of the world!
  • Self Study Courses
    • Everyone learns at a different pace. Self study courses offer a self-paced, access anywhere; learn anytime sort of a setup which offers complete flexibility to the students. It also saves a lot of time and costs!
  • Training on Demand
    • Training on Demand refers to high quality online courses featuring top instructors. The feel of a classroom session is what a learner experiences. The students have the flexibility to choose the course they want to learn and also when they want to learn. Some courses also offer lab environments to help the students understand practical applications of the teachings.

Training Programs to consider today

Careful Selection of Course Content based on the Current & Future Project needs is crucial. Some of the most effective programs for technology training are listed below -

  • Customized Corporate Training
    • These trainings are specifically designed to the needs of the particular company.
  • Workshops on High End Technologies
    • With the SMAC Technology adoption on the rise, there is high demand for niche and hi-end IT workshops for technologies like BigData, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics & Business Intelligence, Mobile Computing and many more.
  • Train & Deploy
    • These programs are aimed towards creating well-trained, efficient professional resources for the market place. The resources that evolve from the program are fully trained and ‘Ready to Hire’.
  • Authorized Training Programs
    • Certain big Enterprise vendors such as Oracle offer specialized training programs on their platforms. Students can get trained on Technologies or Enterprise Applications such as ERPs and the different modules involved. It is best to ensure that these trainings are undertaken under the guidance of authorized training centres which have complete knowledge and expertise about Training Delivery and Methods.

By keeping all these factors in the mind the next time you go about looking for training programs, you can be absolutely certain to deliver optimum performance. With effective Training Programs in place, get ready to hit the right punches!

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