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Training to lead: Developing the IT Managers of the future

People who do well, get promoted to being managers, right? But do they have the ability to lead teams? Do they possess the leadership mindset that can make them effective? In most IT organizations, there are very little or no specialized trainings for a budding IT manager. They are usually coached by the current managers who themselves have no formal training in management. Organizations world over are spending more than $100 Billion on corporate trainings and this number is only growing at 1... Read More...

How to start your Certification Journey?

If you are looking for IT training and certifications, you will find a multitude of technology and functional certifications in the market today. Certification requires a serious amount of effort and investment in terms of time, money and focus. You don’t want another piece of paper hanging on your wall or pinned to your desk which suggests you are an expert in something. In this post, I will try and guide you towards the correct approach to training & certification exams and courses. <... Read More...

5 Benefits of IT Certifications: For you and your organization

Certification tells the world that you are qualified to perform a job or a task. IT Certification in general helps you in joining the elite ranks of professionals who have demonstrated skills in a technology or a particular domain.
Around 60% IT employers today use certifications to trust a candidate’s subject matter expertise!
About 65% employers consider IT certifications during a candidate selection process!
From an employer’s perspective, IT Certification helps th...

Need IT Skills? Consider an IT Bootcamp Holiday!

IT Industry today is on the cusp, breaking out of the traditional models and entering into a new era of technological advancement. This paradigm shift demands drastic alterations to the way IT operations and teams are organized. Organizations are more than ever in need of re-skilling their IT staff and bringing in trained hands that have the ability to look at projects from a fresh perspective. Training is generally an expensive affair, especially if it involves niche technologies like certai... Read More...

Benefits of e-learning for your Staff

Workforce training and development is rapidly becoming the number one area of concern for corporates around the world. As the population of tech-savvy employees rises in the workforce, the use of e-learning tools should also take center stage. In this post, we will look at the top benefits of e-learning for your staff

Cost Effective

E-learning or online training offers significant cost benefits as there is no classroom, no infrastructure, no full-time trainers for teaching ... Read More...

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