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Cyret’s Upgrade as Services utilizes the “Upgrade Factory” Cyret has built over 18 years and more than 100 successful JD Edwards upgrades to provide the ultimate Upgrade in terms of Quality, Speed, Cost and Reliability.

We have mastered the art of Upgrading which we call it as “Upgrade Factory”.

Cyret’s Upgrade Experience

  • 100+ Upgrades with 100% Success Rate
  • Technical / Functional Upgrades
  • Multistage upgrades ( 8.11 to 9.1 to 9.2)
  • Multi Country upgrades
  • Proven Reusable Upgrade Methodology
  • Testing Templates for 9.2
  • Tool to identify standard objects modified, cloned & customized
  • Fastest Code compare
  • Simplified upgrade for 9.1 to 9.2

Our Capabilities and Achievements Using "Upgrade Factory" Model

  • Experienced Staff and Fine-Tuned model
  • Quality, Speed and Low Cost
  • Extended Support
  • Templates for Process, Plan, Testing and Training (Technical and User)
  • New Technology (UX1, Cafe1) to Replace Modifications

Why Upgrade to 9.2 ?

  • 9.2 is the Release of Innovation
    • Create your Business Roadmap
    • Upgrade Now ! Supported until at least 2030

  • Transform your Business with the JDE Digital Platform
    • UX One, Café One, Personalization, Extensibility, Orchestration, Notification, Integration

  • Long Term Roadmap and Vision with Continuous Innovation
    • Continuous Development Delivery and Customer Adoption
    • Automation and Autonomous Processing Vision

Upgrade As Service Offerings by Cyret

Under “Upgrade Factory” we offer following services:

  • Technical upgrade in 50 working days
  • Quick Tools release upgrade in 30 working days
  • Application Upgrade in 100 working days
  • Migration to CLOUD (Lift & Shift) in 50 working days
  • Upgrade & Migration to CLOUD in 100 working days

Oracle Upgrade Recommendations

  • Types of Upgrade – Technical / Functional / Transformational
  • Upgrade Geology – Customizations, Integrations, Data, Testing, Training, Complexity, Time, Effort, Risk
  • Project Staffing and Partners
  • Project communications – Goals, Responsibilities, Impact, Milestones, success Criterions, KPI’s, Visual Aids, Challenges
  • Business Processes – Document Business processes
  • Testing Considerations – Pre built test plans, OATS
  • Training your community – Hands on training, Distributed Training, Regional Concerns,
    E-learning strategies (UPK)


53 day upgrade under pressure for a Air Products Company

Multi stage upgrade done over 3 months for a Chemical Company

Upgrade with 900 customization for a Paper and Pulp Company over 14 months time


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