We are in an age, where information is an asset and a mine field, tons of data can directly turn any market condition or trend into an opportunity, if gathered, analyzed and acted upon, at the right time. The lessons learned from the past successes and losses can make all the difference, if real-time data is extracted and understood by businesses for steering profits, enhancing performance and processes.  

With gigantic data volumes and increasing need to have instant access to most accurate and actionable data, it’s critical to select the right technology and expertise to implement the BI solution. Cyret has a holistic and business-centric focus approach to gathering, processing and presenting information to meet this crucial market need. 

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Cyret offers a comprehensive set of Business Intelligence services to help clients harness structured data to improve decision-making, financial management, regulatory agreement and customer service. Cyret specializes in implementing information delivery applications that allow corporate users to access the data in the warehouse. These include client explicit decision support tools, analytic tools, data mining and other applications that optimize supply chain, campaign management, billing as well as other industry-specific processes. Cyret offers expertise in developing data delivery or business intelligence applications that deliver information to the proper audiences within and beyond your enterprise to empower your workforce and improve overall decision making. 

Cyret has a proven track record of delivering the best of technology solutions in all areas of business functions. Whether it’s arriving at how sales can be maximized by looking at customer buying patterns & demographics, deciding on which vendor to pay first to avoid interruption in supply chain or identifying potential customers for a new product line, Cyret’s BI solutions portfolio covers a diverse range of your business areas, that it becomes a crucial business tool, especially in a recovering economy.


Our BI portfolio comprises of :

Operational intelligence

We enable effective sensing, monitoring, management and analysis of your business 

Business Performance Management (BPM)

We aid you to make critical decisions in business-as-usual, risk events and opportunities 

Risk & Compliance

We monitor regulatory compliance (SOX, Basel II, AML) and risk across divisions and geographies 

Threat & Fraud detection

We predict, mitigate or reduce potentially destructive results 

Customer Analytics

We manage prospects and customer relationships through the entire lifecycle by leveraging quality information

Workforce productivity

We measure and monitor workforce utilization and effectiveness to improve productivity.


  • Optimize and monitor business processes on a granular level
  • Single coherent framework for integrating disparate data sources for real time reporting
  • Reduced risk of non compliance and potential financial disasters
  • Streamline your BI software implementations and accelerate user adoption
  • Customized deployment plan for specific workloads
  • Better knowledge of changing customer preferences through analytics
  • Improved business decisions
  • Streamlined data access flow