Cyret’s EAM solutions help achieve greater efficiency in asset management by managing multiple assets on a single platform. Enterprise Asset Management is required to keep your plant, equipment, and services at disposal, credible as well as safe. It’s a dominant and effective solution that assists companies in meeting environmental, compliance, and service goals and make accurate decisions quicker. Enterprise Asset Management solution helps drive asset management plans, decision and measures to cut down energy use.  

Our solutions deliver optimum asset performance by enhancing asset use, ensuring equipment readiness & safety, escalating plant & equipment productivity and diminishing lifecycle costs. Right from the initial design or purchase through the operational life to the eventual disposal, the life of your organization’s assets can be efficiently managed. These strategies include maintenance programs for reliability-centered maintenance and processes to drive improvement.  

Our Enterprise Asset Management supports refined, condition-based maintenance methods for property, plants, and public infrastructure. It helps ensure best practices and augments both the responsiveness and accuracy of contracted maintenance.


Our services comprise: 

  • Asset Portfolio and Project Management

  • Approve, direct, and better administer your maintenance capital budget
  • Optimize your asset portfolio with insight into the most profitable projects
  • Define project priorities, and execute projects effectively throughout their lifecycles
  • Progressively monitor your organization’s entire capital project portfolio
  • Maintenance Operations

  • Reinstate physical assets to peak performance
  • Escalate asset utilization and uptime in day-to-day operations
  • Enhanced maintenance planning and execution for both preventive and corrective tasks
  • Asset Visibility and Performance

  • Set up plant dashboards, act on alerts, and drill down into manufacturing analytics
  • Track factual and real-time data to measure quality and plan for improvements
  • Resolve equipment criticality to create optimal maintenance strategies
  • Asset Information Management

  • Execute the right asset information to the right stakeholders at the right time
  • Control accurate representations of physical plants to enhance performance
  • Support complex IT infrastructures, maintenance worker updates, and 3D visualization
  • Maintenance Parts and Services Provisioning

  • Improved management of service procurement and supplier relationships
  • Advanced spare parts management and contractor management
  • Capitalize on savings by enforcing contractor compliance and use of established contracts with contractors
  • Mobile Asset Management

  • Restructure processes by eliminating paper work and shortening work cycles
  • Dimnish maintenance costs by working to standards
  • Get superior visibility and improved analytics by capturing higher quality real-time data
  • Maintain assets running at peak performance with shorter response times and timelier maintenance
  • Inclusive safety checks and follow safe work practices to protect employees
  • Operational Risk Management

  • Amplify visibility into EHS performance for proactive safety and risk management
  • Expedite employee education and certification – for more constant processes
  • Improve knowledge-transfer when assets, conditions, or staff changes
  • Abridge the number and severity of incidents by recognizing warning signs
  • Report near-misses and safety observations for accurate safety records
  • Rapid-Deployment Solutions for EAM

  • Quick implementations using preconfigured software and predefined services
  • Foreseen implementation deployment time and cost
  • Flawless integration with SAP solutions
  • Focused scope defined by line-of-business needs
  • Business Suite and Enhancement

  • Control industry best practices based on thousands of implementations
  • Extend user experiences that match the needs and skills of different users
  • Enter novel markets with scalable software and globalization support
  • Develop new products for competitive advantage
  • Mobilize your workforce to be nearer to customers


  • Enhanced asset and resource utilization
  • Improved equipment readiness
  • Augmented safety and mitigating risk
  • Lower asset lifecycle costs
  • Optimized intricate maintenance tasks
  • Superior strategic planning
  • Implementation of lean practices and improvement strategies
  • Enhanced compliance with regulatory standards