Due to the increasing complexity and compressed production cycles, at present, more products are being digitally designed and validated by globally dispersed teams. Consequently, your suppliers are assuming more responsibility for greater portions of products, which entails them to interact with multiple disciplines in your company (manufacturing, purchasing, engineering, and quality etc). 

Early supplier participation in PLM processes, good supplier information visibility, proficient sourcing processes, and enhanced coordination between product development teams will have a positive impact on your company’s bottom-line. With an all-inclusive approach to managing interactions with suppliers, your company can shrink the risk, improve time-to-market and diminish costs. 

The ability to effectively collect and manage supplier information results in lower purchased costs and risks due to the factors such as nonconformity, missed deliveries, etc. By understanding how much you spend on outside goods and services, you can amplify your negotiation power and reduce the risk of non-compliance. 

Enhance contract spending and implement compliance with procurement strategy with Cyret’s supplier relationship management solution which automates, simplifies, and accelerates your business’ procure-to-pay processes for goods and services.


Our supplier relationship management expertise spans an extensive range of application arenas, comprising:

  • Evaluation and implementation
  • We assess your business process and provide you with customized implementation expertise for a successful implementation of the module.
  • Post Implementation
    Our Post Implementation comprises of three stages:
  • Maintenance: We afford maintenance and support services after go live to address any issues faced on a day to day transaction basis.
  • Reporting: We offer reporting tools, both standard and custom built, for easy reporting and evaluation of daily business processes.
  • Integration: We amalgamate your system to any required legacy systems and third party tools, for efficient use of the ERP system and effective running of the business processes.


  • Reduce procurement costs by closing the loop from source to pay
  • Streamline the purchase of goods and services
  • Automate operational processes to reduce purchasing errors, eliminate manual tasks, and avoid maverick buying
  • Build collaborative supplier relationships and integrate suppliers into your procurement processes
  • Accelerate procurement order and invoicing cycle times






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