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Cyret RPA Solution

In order to implement the RPA successfully your partner need to be in the intersection of the business processes and technology.

This is our strength, we know the processes and tools in today’s business, and we know the challenges and capabilities of those. We can recognize the “low hanging fruits” for RPA solution, which gives the maximum ROI for your company.

We have spent past 18 years helping companies to design optimal processes and implementing tools for their business needs.

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RPA Benefits

Cost Savings: One of the biggest advantages of Robotic Process Automation is the immediate and significant reduction in expenditure it can deliver. When work is automated, not only is it completed faster, but it also can be performed round-the-clock at a much lower rate. So, you get greater output for less, which results in a better bottom line.

Quality, Accurate Work : Let’s face it. Even the most careful human can and will make a mistake. Multiply those errors by the number of people you have performing routine tasks for your company, and you could be looking at a pretty costly problem. With RPA, the work is performed error-free. Better quality means higher satisfaction rates, which – again – is good for profitability.

Enhanced Cycle Time: How long does it take a human worker to perform a given task such as completing a web form? Even if it’s mere minutes, a robot could shave that time down to just a few seconds. Over time and multiplied by dozens of tasks and several staff members, this savings really begins to add up.

Employee Empowerment:  The ability to deploy robots to perform certain tasks empowers people the to get their jobs done more efficiently and effectively. Meanwhile, it frees up to focus on more important tasks and projects.

RPA Applications

Example 1 Transferring Data from one system to another: We all know that due to the multi platform environments selected data need to be transferred between the different systems, backed-up and restored. These processes are more than often manual. All this can be fully automated with the RPA solutions. Monitoring the whole process can also be handled by the RPA solution, human task can be generated if there is a requirement for human intervention.

Example 2 – Forms Processing: Many  organizations must process forms for any initial process to trigger in their system and that also creates the paper- based proof that can be saved for further use in investigations. Processes like these can be automated such that the forms can be read by RPA solution using OCR or integrated API’s and then data entry to the applications where these forms are processed, can be done by the RPA solution.

Example 3  – Customer Order Processing: Customer orders can come in with different media. emails, documents, pdfs and other formats. That information can be automatically extracted from various sources. Therefore the whole process of order placement will be automated from end to end. That will decrease cost and manual errors and improve on timely delivery and customer satisfaction.

Example 4 – Patient registration: Healthcare providers have huge number of patients coming in daily to get their health issues resolved but having those patient registrations and pre-screen information in manual forms will cause a lot extra work and possible errors in patient data. These patient registrations can be done by the RPA software robots, which have all the information required for them to guide the patients through the process. There is always a possibility that these software robots can be monitored to ensure the legal compliancy.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation)


Logistic brokerage got huge boost to new customer adoption by introducing automated processing of customer PO’s to last mile application.

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Healthcare Providers Office | Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

This Explainer Video demonstrates How Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can help Healthcare Industry eliminate Manual, Repetitive and Less Value-Add activities. By automating the process you don’t need to manually transfer the information. This will result a more efficient error free process to handle patient data. Solution is completely HIPPAA compliant, patient data will stay in your current files and use your current tools. Staff can focus on patient facing tasks and practice will have capacity to see more patients.

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