The logistics sector undoubtedly remains the backbone of the global supply chain and amidst the tough economic conditions & global evolution, logistics companies are striving to deliver their brand promise time and again throughout the value chain. Moreover, the logistics sector has to undergo a lot of business obstacles due to fluctuating fuel costs, mounting base of regional suppliers, global environmental distress and compliance with regulatory mandates. All of these fuels up to a dynamic business landscape, where logistics companies have little control over expenses and margins. 

In order to stay ahead of competition and cater to a global marketplace, the logistics industry needs to evolve continuously. Cyret’s ERP solution for the logistics industry assists clients to achieve faster and sustainable transformation with a focus on achieving outcomes that impacts operations at an organizational level rather than driving value in narrow business sections. 

Cyret provides a flexible, consistent and competent suite of IT, consulting, infrastructure, business process outsourcing, industrial engineering services and enterprise solutions to aid logistics companies fabricate the capabilities required to attend to key challenges, boost process efficiencies, lower their total cost of ownership of IT & infrastructure and elevate the quality in IT delivery. Our integrated service for the logistics industry covers all aspects of logistics planning, control, and execution. From point of origin to consumption, we devise services that turn your supply chain operations from a challenge into a substantial competitive advantage.


  • Our offerings cover the following aspects of the Logistics industry:
  • Warehouse Management
  • Order Management
  • Interface to ERP/accounting systems
  • Logistics Database Management
  • Supply Chain
  • Partner Management
  • Transportation Management
  • Asset Management & Tracking
  • Mobile Logistics
  • Our core offerings include:

Contract Management System

Cyret’s Contract Management System is designed to meet the challenges of logistics industry in maintaining the contracts of various functions.

  • Contract generation
  • Contract renewal
  • Contact amendment
  • Associate contracts
  • Bank guarantee
  • Alerts
  • Custom reports

Warehouse Management System

The Warehouse Management System is efficiently designed to monitor multi-locations with a centralized database and the web based interface to generate reports.

  • Receiving
  • Material movement
  • Retail distribution
  • Billing


  • Increase visibility into purchase orders, contract management, and invoice handling
  • Reduce costs by lowering inventory levels and consolidating shipments
  • Maintain high levels of supplier and customer satisfaction
  • Optimize basic business processes – from requisitioning to invoicing for simple procurement
  • Improve processes for procurement, inbound, outbound, warehouse, and transportation management


We helped One of the largest Distribution Companies based out of Saudi Arabia to upgrade and streamline their business processes.