Business Challenges

When organizations plan upgrade, some of the seemingly common business situations may appear challenging, as illustrated below:

  • Budget approvals which demand solid business case and ROI calculations
  • Quantifying the impact of new features to build business case
  • Other IT initiatives competing for the same budget

However Skipping Upgrades often lead to:

  • Operational Inefficiency
  • Cyber vulnerability of the aging SW version
  • Not getting the right information at the right time and at the right place

What if your partner.....

  • Proposes not to eat into your investment budget while keeping your other IT initiatives running.
  • Offers a proposition on an As-a-Service Model – Allowing you to upgrade within your operational budget with monthly instalments flexibility
  • Helps you to understand the impact of new features which lead to simpler processes and faster reporting
  • Migrates your applications to hosted cloud, so you never have to worry about aging or non-compatible hardware
  • Reduces the need to maintain large support teams on your most business critical application
  • Offers you the optimized service package to support all of the above in the most cost-efficient shared support model on the market

Cyret XOOM - Service Does That All !

Cyret’s Upgrade Experience

  • 100+ Upgrades with 100% Success Rate
  • Technical / Functional Upgrades
  • Multistage upgrades ( 8.11 to 9.1 to 9.2)
  • Multi Country upgrades
  • Proven Reusable Upgrade Methodology
  • Testing Templates for 9.2
  • Tool to identify standard objects modified, cloned & customized
  • Fastest Code compare
  • Simplified upgrade for 9.1 to 9.2

Our Capabilities and Achievements Using "Cyret Xoom" Model

  • Experienced Staff and Fine-Tuned model
  • Quality, Speed and Low Cost
  • Extended Support
  • Templates for Process, Plan, Testing and Training (Technical and User)
  • New Technology (UX1, Cafe1) to Replace Modifications

Why Upgrade to 9.2 ?

  • 9.2 is the Release of Innovation
    • Create your Business Roadmap
    • Upgrade Now ! Supported until at least 2030

  • Transform your Business with the JDE Digital Platform
    • UX One, Café One, Personalization, Extensibility, Orchestration, Notification, Integration

  • Long Term Roadmap and Vision with Continuous Innovation
    • Continuous Development Delivery and Customer Adoption
    • Automation and Autonomous Processing Vision

Oracle Upgrade Recommendations

  • Identifying the types of Upgrade – Technical / Functional / Transformational
  • Recce of the ERP landscape to factor in the Customizations, Integrations, Data, Testing, Training, Complexity, Time, Effort, Risk
  • Clear Project communications – Goals, Responsibilities, Impact, Milestones, success Criterions, KPI’s, Visual Aids, Challenges
  • Validating and documenting Business Processes
  • Factoring in the Testing Considerations – Pre built test plans, OATS
  • Training your community – Hands on training, Distributed Training, Regional Concerns, E-learning strategies (UPK)



  • Customer had to transition to newer and bigger facility and sell their current property.
  • Apart from aging hardware, JDE original discs were not in place due to employee movement.
  • Moving with current set-up posed a huge risk for business continuity and change management.
  • IT had not budgeted for the activity since it was an executive decision communicated suddenly and had to be managed quickly.


Cyret Proposed XOOM which allowed them to Upgrade in a phased manner and support their ERP for the next 3 years at no additional cost !


  • With only a 10 % down payment, the Upgrade ball started rolling.
  • After the initial fee, customer paid a monthly fee for :
  • Technical upgrade from v.8.11 to latest version v.9.2
  • Phases: Planning, Design, Build, Test and Go Live
  • Cyret had full execution & Project Management responsibility of the upgrade
  • Schedule 5 months from start to final approval
  • Package builds
  • JDE Maintenance
  • Health checks
  • Fine tuning
  • Checking and Monitoring
  • Recommended Oracle Cloud which is optimized for Oracle application such as JDE
  • TIER 3 facility, 99.741 % Uptime (22 min/a max downtime)
  • BYOL Model (Bring Your Own Licenses) to leverage their investment on Licenses.

Customer had full visibility to the cost for next 36 months and no surprises whatsoever

Customer did not have to scout for a support vendor or build a support team post upgrade

The instalment payments were covered by their Operational budget thereby reducing the tax burden on Capex as well as leaving them with a healthy cash flow to budget for other software tools.