Consumers demand the finest quality of leather and leather products at increasingly competitive rates. In addition, environmental laws have become exceedingly stringent and leather manufacturers have to bear the costs in the following governmental regulations of disposal, storage, etc. An effective business situation is obligatory that can aid in enhancing performance, cut down on production costs and at the same time keep the consumers at content. 

Cyret has deep vertical expertise in equipping the leather industry to address key pain points. It consists of the industry-leading functionalities for 

Enterprise Resource Planning
Customer Relationship Management
Supply Chain Management 
Human Capital Management 

Addressing Key Areas

The leather industry has its own set of problems as it is a perishable commodity which needs to be extracted in accurate quantities and at the exact time. We help our clients in streamlining their procurement process by preparing the precise production plans, facilitating safe stock-based planning, tracking of the hides and control of inflow and outflow of multiple products seamlessly. 

To keep pace with even the minutest orders, your business solution should help you keep track of materials across the supply chain. We provide a comprehensive solution to track customer orders and their status. Animal hides being an exclusive and perishable commodity, it is imperative to keep a track of the utilization of raw materials in order to maintain the highest productivity. A key part of our service is the provision of an extensive report that evaluates conversion of raw hide to finished goods, wasted hides, segregation of the hide based on the various grades of quality etc.


For better visibility, a 360 degree view of your organization is the key. Cyret enables you an all-inclusive view of your organization, enabling a smarter decision making.

Inventory Tracking for different attributes

Inventory transactions and tracking is possible based on different attributes. 

Operational Efficiency

With our simplified solution, one can phenomenally reduce the transactional data volume and operational time. 

Process wise order tracking

With our simplified solution, you can track order status and work in process based on attributes. 

Product Cost

Mixed mode manufacturing and multilevel bill of material feature can be used for tracking costs. 

Processing cost

Cost can be captured at every production step based on quantity and labor hour. 

Sale and Inventory Reporting

Sales and Inventory reporting is possible based on different categories like Gender, Size, Color. 


  • Delivered in accordance with the flow of the Leather Industry and combined with production management concepts
  • End-to-end solution to integrate data from many different departments and automate processes
  • Multi-dimensional reports to track the raw material consumption and daily production output
  • Track all the purchase order history by using different parameters
  • Auto-computation of production costs of the Finished Merchandise


We helped in upgrading the complete shop-floor process for one of the largest shoe manufacturing and export companies in India.