Managed and Shared Support

Support Services remains a vital means to drive efficiency in an organization and it’s also an area that is scrutinized due to budgetary constraints. The current economic scenario demands organizations to focus on core competencies for success and survival. To address this effect, Cyret provides scalable and reliable software solutions, allowing businesses to concentrate on investment capital, resources, and time on maintaining core business activities, while operating and maintaining IT and ERP systems at a predictable monthly cost.

Cyret has been providing our strategic ERP support offerings to companies for more than ten years now. These offerings are some of the most respected in the business and highly configurable.

Cyrets repeatable support methodology uses documented processes, support repositories, and knowledgeable staff to reduce your costs. We have documented many of the problems that you may have run into to allow you to resume business as quickly as possible, with proven solutions.

At Cyret, you can select the Support as a Service solution that meets your specific requirements. A single company, with proven solutions and systems, as well as a follow-the-sun support model provides support from desktop through ERP and all supporting systems. This allows the tremendous benefit of response time and your cost. You call a single company to support your business IT.

We use unique and innovative systems and features, out-of-the-box thinking such as depot and local pre-configured machines to reduce the need for people at every location and increase support.

Maintenance & Support

The best of the implementations can fail, if support is not carried out in an appropriate manner. The essence of support services is to pre-empt any issue by thoughtful approach. There are three broad theories of maintenance viz. Reactive, Preventive, and Proactive.

Our experience and expertise focus on proactive maintenance strategy, thereby keeping user experience rich and seamless.

  • Advantage:
    • Ongoing, Off-Hours and Peak Period Support
    • Prompt delivery of support services and prompt action assured
    • Accessible team committed to the project’s smooth operation and success
    • Varied communication channels with offshore contact desk number, email feedback, etc.
    • Issue management system leads to channelizing issues to correct experts without losing visibility and momentum
    • Continuous creation of knowledge base out of issue handling

Cyret Support as Service is highly adjustable. If you buy another firm, add 200, or 2000 people to your IT support!