Manufacturing is a pillar and a key performance indicator of any economy. With global manufacturing scenario changing rapidly, manufacturing operations are spanning continents. As consumer spending swells and emerging economies expand, the demand for manufacturing excellence and innovation is rising to new levels never seen before. Manufacturers need to meet industry demands with complex make-to-order, make-to-stock, configure-to-order, engineer-to-order and/or hybrid manufacturing models. 

Manufacturing includes industries from handicraft to processes foods to high tech. Finished goods from one manufacturing process at many times are also used for the manufacturing of other, more complex products, such as aircraft, automobiles, appliances, heavy equipment, HiTech equipment, processed foods and many others. Value-Added-Resellers (VAR) will enhance the value of finished product by bundling it with additional products and services to make it more attractive for the end consumer. 

Modern manufacturing includes all processes required for the production, packaging and integration of products. Manufacturing companies across the globe are looking for bringing operational efficiencies, investing in tools that will allow optimal utilization of human and machine resources, make as accurate as possible Forecasting and Demand Planning while maintaining product quality, safety, regulatory compliance and customer service levels.


  • Faster Quote-to-orderand Order-to-cash
  • Provide accurate, multi-level ATP (available to promise)
  • CTP (capable-to-promise), and CTD (capable-to-deliver)
  • Improved product sales and service profit margins.
  • Improved inventory management, lower carrying costs
  • Fewer project cost overruns and reduction in product returns
  • Improved customer relationship and satisfaction
  • Reduced inventory write-offs
  • Better forecast accuracy and higher supplier on-time delivery
  • Minimized scrap and rework
  • Faster detection of supply chain exceptions and anamolies


We helped One of the largest Liquor manufacturing Companies in the world to set up their manufacturing process automation and WMS.