Studies have shown that typically, companies who support their ERP with real-time, error-free data collection achieve a 50% higher return on their ERP investment. Barcode technology is the most popular Automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) technology available in the market today. 

Bar coding is the fastest, accurate, and automated method of collecting data for input into your ERP software system.  With an error rate of 1 in 3 million, you would appreciate the lack of errors through manual data entry and therein the inevitable reduction of labor costs and time spent in rectifying those manual errors. 

The most popular use of Barcode technology in the the Warehouse, to track inventory and the picking and shipping of goods and material. However, barcode technology need not be restricted to warehouses alone. The technology has significant applications for enterprise-level manufacturing and shop-floor operations as well. 

Cyret’s Barcode integration solution currently integrates with Oracle JD Edwards for both Warehouse and Manufacturing operations.  Developed to specifically integrate with ERP systems the solutions covers virtually all aspects of a Warehouse and Distribution operation for any large, mid-level or small enterprise. 

The solution integrates with the Warehouse, Inventory, Sales Order, Procurement, Manufacturing and Transportation processes for any large enterprise. Our solution can fit into any business with varying levels of automation as required with information available in real time.


Offline/Online Mode

System Works in Online as well as Offline Mode. Data synchronizes once your network is available.

Event/Error Log

System maintains event log on HHT/Server with date time stamp (upto 10,000 records).

Auto Installation

Device is configured such that it is warm boot and cold boot persistent. Application Software, WIFI Settings gets auto configured when the device is warm/cold boot.

Device API’s

We make advance use of Native Device API’s to control device functions such as Scan Engine, Camera, and Wi-Fi. etc.

Device Locking

Device is Locked and Secured. User can only access functionality if permitted to access.

Authentication/ Authorization

User/Role based Authentication and Authorization of Software features

Change Management

Always makes sure latest exe is installed and running


  • Reduction in transaction time
  • Detailed product information through the point of transfer reduces mistakes and increases speed to market
  • Track work-in-progress, materials and labour on shop floor
  • Real time end-to-end inventory visibility reduces levels, costs and search time, while increasing productivity and customer satisfaction
  • Ease of reporting with real-time availability of data
  • Shorter lead times for operations and transactions
  • Improved efficiencies in supply chain planning
  • Reduction of human and shipment errors leading to cost saving