Handling and storing the hard copies manually is a time consuming process which can cause lot of errors. Document digitization service is a faster and more secure mode of transforming paper files into digital data using document imaging services.

Document digitization process helps to remove problems like delays in document retrieval or file misplacement. Don’t let your data restrict your business’ progress.

Get Rid of the Burden to Maintain hard copies | Get Digitized

How it is Done

Temporary Scanning Stations: Cyret Technologies will build temporary scanning stations in  customer’s warehouse.

One Box at a Time : Documents will be taken one box at the time prepared for the scanning then scanned, inspected and returned to the boxes.

Client Approval: After scanning and inspection is completed Cyret will seek for approval for the patch of scanned boxes from the customer.

Escalate Poor Quality: All the exceptions e.g. poor quality of the original document will be escalated and discussed with customer personnel prior scanning.

Secured Portal: Scanned documents are uploaded to secure portal where they’re accessible and searchable.

Quality Control

  • Cyret’s Quality Management System covers both quality assurance (strategy) and quality control (method).

  • We maintain the integrity of data through periodic random samplings, continuous checks for document digitization quality and accuracy, verification of data, and exception flagging.

Document Portal

  • Secure document management portal with 24/7 access

  • Availability: less than 22 minute downtime/year guaranteed

  • Security with AES 256 Encryption (highest HIPAA – classification)

  • User action log for download, copy, print etc.

  • Continuous back–up to safeguard the data

  • Accessible with multiple devices from desktops to mobile phones if desired


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Fixed cost savings rent, insurance, utilities | Scalability | Improved access to documents => faster response to requests ( Access with mobile devices, Requests can be completed remotely) | Documents are safe from the physical hazards (fire-water etc.) | Better use of resources for more value-add tasks