JD Edwards has always been an efficient solution. We’ve found that the system can be run with a small team, one or two functional consultants, a CNC person some time from a DBA and a programmer. This makes the solution wonderful for companies of virtually an size. JD Edwards gives companies what they need – reliable highly functional, highly flexible systems at a low initial and ongoing costs.

The only complexity JD Edwards presented was hardware. Setting up (virtual) servers, patches, maintaining, sizing, upgrading, not to mention drivers and database. Well that problem is no longer a problem. JD Edwards runs on the cloud.

JDE on the cloud creates what we believe is the most functional and cost effective system available, and the reduced complexity of needing to maintain your own hardware even allows JD Edwards to be used by smaller companies than it could previously.

JDE on Cloud, whether Oracle or AWS provides a cost effective, configurable and reliable environment for JD Edwards. Cyret has tested the solution. It is capable, at relatively low costs, of processing 100,000 sales order transactions in an hour or so.

But it’s a unique solution. For example, without physical access to the machines, typically the most effective way to backup is on slower, more cost effective “slow” disk. Other changes are how to establish and execute fail over. Let us use our experience at configuring Cloud to execute your Cloud Strategy.

  • With ERP in the cloud you can gain
    • Greater business agility
    • Improved use of your resources
    • Rapid mapping of your business processes
    • Lower capital expense and overall TCO
  • Cloud Deployment Options Available to you
    • Oracle is making the transition to the cloud easier by offering hybrid cloud deployment options across Oracle’s private and public cloud solutions. Customers with existing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne licenses can subscribe to Oracle’s infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) cloud solutions. Customers can also subscribe to Oracle’s numerous PaaS offerings, such as Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, Oracle Integration Cloud Service, and more.
  • Private Cloud
    • Deploy your ERP system in a hosted environment, co-location, or with a private cloud provider data center.
  • Hybrid Cloud
    • Deploy your ERP across a combination of on-premise, private cloud, and public cloud.
  • Public Cloud
    • Deploy your ERP in a shared, public cloud deployment.
    • Oracle’s IaaS solutions offer a set of core capabilities including elastic compute, networking, and storage to help you quickly reach your IT goals. Moreover, you can eliminate capital expenditures for hardware and offload IT management to focus on more value-added tasks. Run your operations faster and with greater flexibility than in a purely on-premises environment.
  • What is the solution all about?
    • You should know that JD Edwards EnterpriseOne in Oracle Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) lowersyour Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
    • The solutions includes new functionality in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Application Release 9.2, such as new industry modules, One View Financial Statements, Internet of Things Orchestrator, as well as mobile and user experience.  
    • IaaS helps customers quickly provision for new instances of JD Edwards. This results in overall costs and increased agility.