Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is on the rise – and paying off for patients and physicians. Cyret provides you the process, equipment and software that takes care where and when it’s needed most – wherever patients are – without burdening your workflow.

What is Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Electronic Monitoring System

Electronic Monitoring System encourages patients to take control of their health while enabling practitioners to gather vital information about Patients. Cyret RPM allows you to monitor your patient’s health information while increasing patient engagement from the comfort of their own home, workplace, or wherever they may be.

A New and Better Way

RPM was created to help providers care for their patients outside of the confines of a traditional office setting. Patients use connected devices at home – like heart monitors and blood pressure cuffs – that automatically send their health data to their doctor.

most lucrative managed care program

In 2020, Medicare further increased reimbursement for RPM to an average of $120 per patient per month when providers are enrolled in a qualified program. RPM allows your office to closely monitor your most vulnerable patients with ease and be well compensated for your time.

Remote Patient Monitoring and COVID-19

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the vital relevance of Remote Patient Monitoring has become clearer than ever. RPM not only allows long-term, everyday monitoring of a patient’s health, but gives practitioners unable to see their patients in person a critical opportunity to provide continued, meaningful care as the world social distances. Now is the time to equip your practice with this capability.

Why Go Remote with Cyret?
Cyret supports your practice from start to finish. From determining a patient’s eligibility to creating superbills for your staff at the end of each month, our holistic approach to patient care allows you to seamlessly transition between our various care management and preventive care offerings – allowing you to tailor the most valuable and unique care plan possible to fit each patient’s individual needs.

Cyret's Features Make RPM Easy to Use

Medicare HETS Eligibility Partnership

Cyret Practice-Tailored System

Getting Patients up to Speed Easily

Manual and Automated Access

Customizable Notification System

Fully Compliant Time Tracking and Billing


Every patient is unique – and so are their needs. To help you serve them, Cyret can supply devices directly to your patients or accommodate some of the most common third-party devices they may already be using.

Use a Cyret Device

Our devices can be shipped to your office or directly to your patient’s home, and all Cyret device costs are included in your per-patient fee, so you can start your RPM program with no money up front.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Our system also allows practitioners to easily integrate the use of devices by other manufacturers, including those from Omron, iHealth, and Dexcom.