Software Selection - Selecting the Right System in 90 Days

A good software selection methodology is critical to the success of any software project. In todays digital world, the right software is critically important to the success of your department, division or even your company. Organizations must correctly choose a solution that satisfies current needs and that functionally and technically supports future growth.

The classic software selection methodology has evolved into a tedious compilation of detail features, software vendors answering hundreds, if not thousands of questions and significant time invested into the compilation, summarization and analysisof the vendor responses. This process is slow and tedious, wastes your company and vendor time with non-value added activity and can be skewed by the honesty and/or the availability of the vendor. Perhaps most important the focus can be moved away from the features most important to your business and industry.

In our experience classic selections can often result in selecting the wrong long term system or technology solution, picking a solution without giving enough concern to the ongoing level of complexity required to support the product and in a lack of user buy in. Without an aggressive program we’ve seen selections take so long that before the software is selected, the software landscape has changed.

Cyret has developed a dynamic and effective 90 day selection methodology that:

  • Highlights and concentrates on your companies unique and defining requirements. These are the requirements that both now and in the future will be required to efficiently operate your business in a global digital world
  • Minimizes the use of checklists and documents to verify key business and technology areas
  • Uses real time demonstrations to validate the systems capabilities, ease of use, and flexibility.
  • Engages company staff in creating, evaluating and even using the systems to get accurate and complete feedback while driving change management and support for the new systems.
  • Highlights key areas such as real world cost and maintenance effort, reliability and the life cycle/growth path of the underlying technology.
  • Uses our experience and methodology to review all important related costs, such as implementation and adding additional licenses, so as to not be blindsided after the selection process






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