The economic conditions may be good or bad across the world but what remains central is your organizational data. Analyzing this data might help you to gain insights into your own organization, your customer’s behavior, their buying patterns, trends etc. 

A strategic business intelligence platform puts the right information in the right hands at the right time, which gives managers and executives the ability to test and analyze various scenarios for business spending and investments while monitoring important operational drivers of company performance. 

‘pi’, a Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform, helps organizations turn data into insights in the form of interactive dashboards and reports. It’s one of the most light weight and easy to use tool available in the market that can be quickly integrated with the existing data sources and convert raw data into meaningful and actionable information. 

The interactive feature set and advanced analytical capabilities of ‘pi’ help users monitor the performance of their business and take proactive decisions on “Click of a Mouse”. All ad hoc querying and analysis requirements of business users are addressed in an intuitive format with minimal training and support from IT. ‘pi’ enables users to take necessary actions while they analyze the data and allows them to share it with others on a real time basis.


“Pi’ offering includes the following set of features:

  • Complete web based Business Intelligence & Analytics Platform:

  • Access your data anytime, anywhere
  • Transforms complex transactional data into meaningful reports & metrics:

  • Get the most valuable information out of your data in an easy to understand format
  • Interactive & advanced analytical features:

  • Get different types of analytical and comparative views of your data in multiple ways with simple drill down and drill across features
  • Simplicity & ease of information accessibility:

  • See different cuts and analyze reports on different parameters by simple drill down or drag & drop features
  • Empowering business users perform ad hoc reporting & analysis on their own:

  • Create new reports and dashboards whenever and wherever required without taking help from the IT team
  • Quick identification of trends & deviations across business functions:

  • Analyze data across different departments of the organization and check how they are performing individually as well as collectively
  • Data analysis support in form of drill downs & interactive visuals:

  • Interactive and easy to comprehend data with the help of graphical and map based analysis
  • Higher user adoption & lower cost of ownership:

  • Interactive and user friendly interfaces ensuring lower costs for support on the technology front


  • Web based Business Intelligence & Analytics Platform
  • Helps users design multi-dimensional analytical reports & dashboards
  • Self service user interfaces with interactive and intuitive user interfaces
  • Supports multiple databases: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres SQL
  • Minimal user training and dependence on technical terms
  • “On the Fly” report customizations and sharing with other users
  • Quick deployment within few weeks






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