In today’s enterprise infrastructure, system and application integration is often a mission critical concern. As an organization grows, the number of separate applications it requires to do business steadily increases. Earlier diverse set of applications could not communicate with each other for sharing of business rules and data. This lack of communication led to inefficiencies, wherein identical data was stored in multiple locations, or straightforward processes were unable to be automated. This led to lower eficiency, reduced competitiveness and heightened customer dissatisfaction, compromising the organization’s long-term growth. With the advent of EAI such applications within a single organization were linked together resulting in a simplified and automated business process without having to make extensive changes to the existing applications or data structures.

Prior to the development of EAI-type approaches, the problems of integration were largely handled using point-to-point integration. Cyret’s EAI delivers end-to-end business process integrations that are designed for change so that you can rapidly extend, configure or redesign your business processes with less disruption to the business. Cyret’s EAI solutions use various models of middleware to centralize and standardize integration practices across an entire infrastructure. Rather than each application requiring a separate connector to connect to every other connector, components in an EAI-based infrastructure use standardized methods to connect to a common system that is liable for providing integration, message brokering, and reliability functionalities to the entire network.

Cyret’s Enterprise Application Integration gives you the proven tools, methodologies and building blocks that help you jump-start your own integrations. Cyret’s Application Integration Architecture enables you to rapidly connect end-to-end business processes so that you can gain visibility into information residing in siloed applications, build sustainable integrations that leverage your existing applications investments, speed integration deployment by leveraging the application-independent reference process models.


Our Application Integration focuses on:

  • Analysis and Strategy services that will assist you in decisive strategy making, essential to achieve your business objectives
  • Business-to-business functionality as Web Services to provide additional benefits
  • Abridging end-to-end process automation to provide additional value chain economies
  • Accessing the business services and rules as services to enable you to implement new processes quickly
  • Respond with greater speed to business or regulatory demands and meet the needs of end-users efficiently


  • Enables faster implementation with lower risk and reduced total cost of ownership
  • Promotes rapid deployment, reusability, and configurability of business processes
  • Saves significant time, effort, and cost in building and managing process integrations
  • Delivers the value of a service oriented architecture (SOA) at an accelerated pace






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