Today’s competitive Food and Beverage industry demands increasingly sustainable and innovative delivery models. In light of increased competition and increased collaboration with multiple vendors, the right IT solution is the key. Companies have been increasingly investing in technology to directly and indirectly affect their bottom line. Streamlined collaboration with suppliers & customers, enhanced business intelligence and organized delivery of critical business data is the solution to success in these volatile market conditions. Food and Beverage companies now seek to adopt sophisticated IT solutions. As consumer spending swells and emerging economies expand, the demand for excellence and innovation is rising to new levels never seen before. 

Cyret provides you with the tools to handle the complexities of Food and Beverage industry, where the unique challenges of maintaining optimum quality, reducing perishability, dealing with regulatory compliance and the demand for faster inventory deliveries mean that time-to-market is important. We provide you with the support you need to better manage your operations, processes, assets, workforce and financial operations. This helps you make informed decisions quickly with access to real-time information.


Our capabilities and expertise spans the entire chain from field growth to on-shelf availability. Our core strengths comprise of our robust delivery model and our Center of Excellence who complement our experience and help us deliver best-in-class and best-of-breed solutions to our clientele. 

Our key offerings include:

Grower Management

Growers, packers, shippers, and processors are refining their operations through the use of enterprise management techniques. Tracking the attributes of a block of land and the activities performed throughout the growing period from planting to harvest has been difficult to capture, but vital to understanding the effects on production and maturity dates. The business of agriculture has become more complex with greater regulations, government oversight, and increased demands across your supply chain from buyer to consumer. Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Grower Management module allows growers and processors supplied by growers to capture vital land block and harvest details and attributes along with the activities performed throughout the entire growing season cycle from preplanting planning to post-harvest cleanup.

The key features are: 

  • Block and Harvest Management
  • Track numerous block and harvest attributes
  • Develop crop estimates for supply planning
  • Manage intended use of the crop
  • Use maturity dates for quality measurements
  • Reduce administration using mass update capabilities
  • View land and crop relationships
  • Farming Activities
  • Plan farming activities
  • Track actual farming activities performed
  • Track operational costs at the block level
  • Record chemical usage during spray operations
  • Weigh Tag Receipt
  • Plan receiving activity
  • Record quality results against receipt
  • Price based on quality results
  • Partially receive
  • Over-receive
  • Receive child items
  • Track country of origin for crops
  • Grower Management provides a crop receipt system that benefits growers and processors with:
  • Processes to schedule the receipt of material
  • Quick entry for weighbridge intensive harvest periods
  • Pricing from contract, advance pricing, harvest record or item master
  • A method to receive different crops based on harvest characteristics
  • Direct creation of purchase orders in the system so the material can be placed directly into inventory
  • Blend Management
  • Direct to Consumer
  • Business Intelligence
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Grower Pricing and Payments
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Legacy Modernization
  • Vendor Management
  • Cloud Solutions


  • Centralize information through a single, robust, flexible solution
  • Increase on efficiencies through our integrated support for complete business processes
  • Achieve lower total cost of ownership by broadening control over processes
  • Gain complete visibility of operations from growth and processes to store shelf
  • Achieve a competitive edge through consistent delivery that meets consumer demands
  • Improve on manufacturing planning and demand fulfillment


We helped a Kuwait based multinational beverage company to setup their business processes.